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Benchmade Tomahawk Secrets (Download)

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Presented by BLADE magazine

Learn how Native Americans and early blade smiths fashioned the fierce and fantastic tomahawk. There are fewer cool edged weapons on the planet, says author Joe Szilaski, a regular contributor to BLADE Magazine and an accomplished knife and tomahawk maker.

Follow as Szilaski walks you through key tomahawk-making processes including:

  • Selecting, forging and twisting the billet
  • Locating and drilling the eye and filling the eye hole
  • Fitting the haft to the head and grinding the haft to rough shape
  • Plus many more steps to help you make the tomahawk you've always wanted to. This digital download is compatible with Mac and PC units, using Adobe Reader.

    SKU U0337
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    ISBN 13 9781440233135

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