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BLADE December 2012 Digital Issue (Special Military Knives Double Issue)

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It’s here….the annual Military DOUBLE ISSUE of BLADE magazine! Now, you can instantly enjoy every special feature, and every stunning color photograph of the knives of this issue in this digital version you can read on your computer or tablet.

Inside the pages of this December 2012 digital issue you’ll find:


Tommy Knockers by Dave Rhea:
See how tactical hawks are opening doors in Afghanistan..

A Knife for Sgt. Dakota Meyer by Mike Carter:
Enjoy the story of this Medal-of-Honor recipient receiving a Gene Baskett fighter knife.

Knives Behind the Lines by Joe Kertzman:
The stand out knives of military action – those that own the battle, and those that dig the trenches on the front line.

Cool Bali Tool by MSG Kim Breed:
Check out the way the MIL-TAC/Breeden knife “cuts up” from one southern state to another.

How the Enemy Perceives Knives by Pat Covert:
Learn how soldiers are gaining an edge by seeing them as the enemy does.

International License to Cut by Mike Haskew:
Follow Robert Young Pelton on his global treks to see how his knives have been formed.

Navy Seal’s Super Bolo< b> by Steve Watkins:
See how this knifemaker’s knife designs are traced back to his families roots in the Philippine Islands.

Hot Keys of Military Knife Design by James Morgan Ayres:
Take a look at what is at the center of these knives that are with soldiers in the field.

Troop Favorites in Afghanistan by Steve Shackleford:
Check out the top military knives, a large variety and lots of them..

A Most Courageous Caretaker by Mike Haskew:
Learn which knives honor recipient Sammy L. Davis cherishes, and why.

A Walk with the Sages by Steve Shackleford:
Tour the Alamo with two knife legends.

BONUS: Art Knife Investments by Don Guild: Gain an edge with your knife collecting with art-knife pricing tips from an expert.


Readers Respond; Cover Story; Unsheathed; The Knife I Carry; Joe Szilaski’s Q&A; Show Calendar; BLADE Shoppe; BLADE List; What's New; Knifemaker Showcase; Where to Net 'Em; Where to Get 'Em; Cool Custom; Ed Fowler’s “Knife Talk”

SKU V8980
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