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BLADE November 2012 Digital Issue

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Check out the special and spectacular BLADE Magazine Knife-of-the-Year Awards digital issue! This easy-to-use and easy-to-view digital issue contains every feature, and every stunning color photograph of the knives of the November 2012 issue of BLADE; and you can enjoy it all on your computer or tablet.

Inside the pages of this November 2012 digital issue you’ll find:


Kai’s the Limit by BLADE Staff:
See how this group dominated the BLADE Magazine Knife-of-the-Year awards.

Dream Tag-Team Test by BLADE Staff:
Take this test and see how well you know factory/custom collaboration knives.

Sly and Gil: Together Yet Again by Mike Carter:
Learn how Stallone’s insights shaped the knives used in The Expendables 2.

The BLADE Show Glow by Steve Shackelford:
It continues to shine on, as makers and fans take what they learned and saw at the show and apply it to their work.

Convex Edges & Scandi Aesthetics by James Morgan Ayres:
See if Fallkniven knives have what it takes to pass the Turkey/ Bulgaria test.

World Premiere: BLADE SHOW Debuts by Joe Kertzman:
Enjoy an exclusive showcase of the newest knives on display at the show.

Western Knives, Eastern Look< b> by Mike Haskew:
See how Japanese knife design is influencing U.S. knives.

Forging Motorcycle Chains by Wayne Goddard:
Take a cue from Goddard as he turns chains and wire rope into blades.

Right Thing For the Right Reason by BLADE Staff:
A review of work mirroring life in the Hall of Fame induction of kit Carson.

The Upside Down Lock by Dave Jung:
The evolution of Spyderco’s durable Compression Lock reviewed.

A Thinner Skinner by MSG Kim Breed:
A damascus blade that’s a cut above.

For the Good of the Guild by BLADE Staff:
A special knife for the benefit of a special group, the Knifemaker’s Guild.


Readers Respond; Cover Story; Unsheathed; The Knife I Carry; Handmade Gallery; Show Calendar; BLADE Shoppe; BLADE List; What's New; Knifemaker Showcase; Where to Net 'Em; Where to Get 'Em; Ed Fowler’s “Knife Talk”

SKU V8979
Format Download

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