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Gear Care Kit Field Grade Tin

Format: Knives & Accessories

SKU# U2121

OIL-FREE Performance for Knives, Tactical and Outdoor Adventure Gear. Great for field care of guns, knives and tactical gear.

  • Clean
  • Lubricate
  • Protect
  • Sharpen

All in a compact, crush-proof, hinged metal window tin. Easy to pack for the range, trail or the field. Gear Care Kit contains TUF-CLOTH, TUF-GLIDE, lint-free cleaning tools plus GATCO Super Micro Ceramic Sharpener.

TUF-CLOTH 30cm x 30cm 12" x 12": Revolutionary upgrade from oil and silicone rags; delivers lubrication and protection for today's firearms, knives, tactical gear and collectibles. Quick clean on your gun bench, the range or in the field. Spill-proof pack; long-lasting, lint-free impregnated cloth.

  • Slick action in any temperature – won't thicken from cold or thin out from heat
  • Stops rust
  • Micro-bonded shield
  • Displaces moisture
  • Gives metal a non-stick barrier
  • Grit-free reliability
  • Great for all conditions, metals & finishes, safe for wood and plastic
  • Prevents fingerprint damage, tarnishing & dulling

TUF-GLIDE 7.4ml 1/4 oz: Oil-free technology to lubricate and protect hard to reach areas of all your knives, firearms and gear. Use with TUF-CLOTH, for 100% oil-free protection.

  • Superior oil-free lubrication and protection in any temperature
  • Repels dirt
  • Stops rust – waterproof shield – displaces moisture
  • Pinpoint application for hard to reach places
  • Winner of Blade Magazine Knife Accessory of the Year

GATCO Super Micro:

  • Four rods – two fine/white, two medium/dark
  • Slip resistant grip pads
  • Great for all blades, even serrated
  • Preset sharpening angle
SKU U2121
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File/Trim Size 4.88 x 3
Format Knives & Accessories

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This product ships from Sentry Solutions

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