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Knife Grinding Secrets (Download)

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Presented by BLADE magazine

Author R.J. Martin, whose knives are some of the most popular and sought-after in the industry, instructs on flat- and double-hollow-grinding knife blades. Martin a frequent contributor to BLADE® Magazine, frequency, offers up his methods for blade grinding. You won’t be disappointed.

Follow along as R.J. covers:

  • Profiling a Chisel-Ground Blade
  • Grinding the Bevel of the Kwaiken Model
  • The Finesse of Grinding
  • The Feared Flat Grind
  • Shaping the Tip
  • Two-hand pass
  • Tapering the Blade Tang
  • This insightful download is compatible with Mac and PC units, using Adobe Reader.

    SKU U0339
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    Format Download
    ISBN 13 9781440233159

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